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Often, against the background of diabetic neuropathy, diseases of geodon pills begin to develop, for example, GERD, duodenal ulcer or gastric ulcer, cholelithiasis and fatty hepatosis, as well as the development of genitourinary infections.

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Establishing the correct diagnosis requires careful implementation of a whole range of diagnostic measures and additional consultation of many specialists from various fields of medicine. Primary diagnosis includes. Laboratory studies include a general blood and urine test, which is necessary to buy geodon online the normal functioning of the organs of the digestive and genitourinary systems. Instrumental diagnostics includes implementation.

Elimination of diabetic neuropathy takes a long time and involves the passage of several stages. First of all, you need to bring diabetes to the stage of compensation - for this, patients are prescribed insulin or antidiabetic drugs. In some cases, after such therapy, there is an increase in the intensity of the manifestation of symptoms of diabetic neuropathy. The duration of such a state can reach two months, which indicates that reverse changes occur in the nerves, that is, they are gradually restored.

Additional drug treatment of diabetic neuropathy involves taking medications aimed at eliminating the pain syndrome and restoring the normal functioning of the nerves. To order ziprasidone online, patients need to take. Patients with a similar diagnosis are required to follow a sparing diet, the basic rules of which involve minimizing the consumption of salt, proteins and carbohydrates. The list of prohibited and permitted foods, recommendations for cooking and recipes are provided by the attending physician.

In addition, you will need to consult such specialists as a cardiologist, neurologist, gastroenterologist, ophthalmologist, andrologist, orthopedist, gynecologist and endocrinologist. In addition, the following therapies may be used. In addition, good results can be achieved with the help of folk remedies. However, it is worth considering that such therapy must be approved by the attending physician. Alternative medicine recipes suggest use. The course of therapy for diabetic neuropathy of the lower extremities and hands with the help of alternative medicine should not exceed one month.

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Ignoring the symptoms, untimely treatment of diabetic neuropathy or the use of traditional medicine methods as the only way to treat the disease can lead to the development of severe complications. In order to avoid the occurrence of diabetic neuropathy, it is necessary to adhere to simple preventive recommendations, among which are: The initial stages of the course of such a disorder have a favorable prognosis and are completely reversible. The addition of complications significantly worsens the prognosis of the disease and the quality of human life.

Diabetic neuropathy is manifested by a violation of sensitivity (paresthesia, numbness of the limbs), vegetativelyand dysfunction (tachycardia, hypotension, dysphagia, diarrhea, anhidrosis), urogenital disorders, etc.

Diabetic neuropathy is a specific lesion of the peripheral nervous system caused by dysmetabolic processes in diabetes mellitus. In diabetic neuropathy, the functioning of the endocrine, nervous, cardiac, digestive, urinary systems is examined. Treatment includes insulin therapy, the use of neurotropic drugs, antioxidants, the appointment of symptomatic therapy, acupuncture, FTL, exercise therapy.

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